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14. Small Kitchen - L-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet


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Small Kitchen Cabinet


The space of the new houses in Kuala Lumpur is become smaller, the price of a house is double up for last few years. The value of space is expensive, proper planning of the use of the space is important in this modern work. The space available for a kitchen is become smaller. The design of small kitchen is a high challenge for kitchen designer, they need to design a functional kitchen with a limited space. Small kitchen design involve a design of a arrangement of all the necessity in the a small kitchen, including cooktop, washing area (sink), food preparation area, storage cabinets and refrigerator etc. L-shaped kitchen layout is good choice for a small kitchen design. All the working zone in our kitchen can be arranged in the l-shaped.

Above is a L-shaped small kitchen design, this L-shaped small kitchen layout has formed the three main working zone in our kitchen, that is stove (cooking), sink (cleaning) and refrigerator (storage). The base and wall cabinet has formed up enough storage for a small family. This l-shaped small kitchen layout suitable for studio house, condominium and flat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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